Ed Warren MMR # 272

Below is Ed's biography as written at the time of his award.

Ed is a 47 year old Family Physician living in Cambridge, Ontario. He was born and raised in Toronto, where at age 8, he was so envious of his best friend's Lionel set that Santa left him a Marx set for Christmas. He enjoyed building scenery and structures, but the prototype modelling possibilities were limited, so at age 13 he traded in his tinplate empire for the paltry sum of $22, and purchased a power pack, HO scale Dockside Switcher, and 9 feet of flex track. The model railroad languished in boxes through university, but a move to a home with a basement in 1975 allowed building to begin again. Travels through the interior of British Columbia with his wife Marg, and two sons, convinced Ed that he should model Canadian National/Canadian Pacific lines around B.C.'s Okanagan Valley. The purchase of a home in 1980 with an unfinished 17 by 44 foot basement room led to the construction of the Parkwood Subdivision, a layout that allowed Ed to try out all the blossoming model railroad technology through the 1980's handlaid code 70 track, hard shell scenery, carrier control and optimized detector signals. Ed joined the Cambridge Model Railroad Club in 1978, and learned a great deal from its members. The Parkwood Sub was on many local open house tours, and featured in the April 1995 Railroad Model Craftsman. In 1993 Ed and the Parkwood Sub earned the Achievement Program’s Golden Spike Award. This introduction to the achievement program led to certificates in scenery, electrical, and civil. Operating sessions with CMRC members led to a dispatchers certificate. Ed says that he found that participation in regional conventions and contests greatly expanded his enjoyment of the hobby. The exposure to a much wider pool of modeling talent than had been available in the local model trains community improved his knowledge and modeling skills such that he was able to earn his certificates as author, master builder - motive power and prototype models. This exposure to other excellent modelers led to the construction with CMRC members of the Grand River Railway, an historically accurate sectional display layout that was featured in the February 1997 RMC. Ed has dismantled the Parkwood Sub, and moved on to building an O scale version of the Canadian Pacific's Esquimalt and Nanaimo operations around Port Alberni, B.C., with a logging branch modelling the Alberni Pacific railway in the 1950's. This will allow him to continue to share his models in the contest rooms at the regional conventions.