Greg's Thanks

"Thank You!! A sincere and heart-felt "thank you" to the members of the 7th Division for the honour you have bestowed on me by naming me as the 2015 recipient of the Ross Heriot Memorial Gold Spike Award and my apologies for not being present at either of the two events this year at which the award would normally be presented. As the saying goes, there are times when "life gets in the way". In years past, when others were being honoured with the award, I have listened in awe as the recipient's contributions to the Division in particular, and the hobby in general, have been itemized. Never did it cross my mind that my own small (as I saw it) contribution would be regarded in the same light as that of many who have been previous recipients. To say I was flabbergasted at being honoured as this year's recipient would be a gross understatement!

Thank you,
Greg Kennelly"