February 2013

An apology is in order for being remiss in identifying myself to each of you as
the recently appointed Canadian District Director. This was partly due to a lack
of consideration and thought by myself and by the amount of learning I have experienced
in the short time I have been involved with the Board of Directors of the NMRA.
Whew!!, that curve is steep, but is compensated for with the help provided by others
on the Board

President Charlie Getz appointed me at the conclusion of the Grand Rapids, MI annual
general meeting and convention to fill the vacancy created when Don Hillman resigned
for health reasons. Don did more than a great deal for NMRA Canada - all of us are
grateful for his significant contributions. As well, he represented the Canadian
District at the Board level. I will do my best to assist in the functioning of the
NMRA at the National level. Subsequent to my appointment, along with participating
in considerable number of e-mail conversations, I have been appointed to serve as
the chair for the International Committee and as a member of the Education and Training

Any and all inquiries sent my way will sorted out as well as possible. Where I am
not able to clarify things on my own, there are many wonderful people who can be
contacted for information. These folks comprise our Headquarters staff, our President
or the Regional Advisory Council representative on the Board - there can be no doubt
that Jenny, Charlie and Stephen in their respective positions are most capable and
willing to assist. As communication is vital within the NMRA, my contact information
is in each issue of our magazine, NMRA.org in the Board of Directors listing.

I have been a continuous member of the NMRA since rejoining in 1975 after realizing
that this association was vital and integral to my hobby interests. TLR activity
since has included volunteering as an organizer for many conventions in Winnipeg,
as a clinician and as a judge in the modelling contests. Clinician presentations
were done at the National conventions in St. Paul (1999) and in Toronto (2003).
MMR 328 status was achieved in September 2003 having earned certificates for Volunteer,
Official, Author, Electrical, Cars, Scenery and Dispatcher. I am currently working
toward Locomotive and Structure certificates. Over the past seven years, the RPM
gathering at Naperville, IL has beckoned.

On a personal level, a 35-year career as an educator ended a while back. My HO-scale
modeling focuses on the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1959 in an area of the Canadian
Shield (northern Ontario) that is about two hours east of my home in Winnipeg. I
also have interests in the Canadian National Railways, the Minneapolis, St. Paul
& Sault Ste. Marie Railway and the Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Railway with this
trio providing interchange service in the operating scheme of my model railway.

I serve as the Soo Editor (and contributor) for “CP Tracks” – the magazine of the
Canadian Pacific Historical Association, and have written for the SOO and “CN Lines”
as well as for Railroad Model Craftsman.

Underlying my acceptance of this appointment is the desire to put something back
into a hobby area that has given so much to me. I have made ever-so-many friends
through our hobby activities. Each has provided me with a better quality of life,
so I believe I own the association some effort. After participating in the mid-year
meeting of the Board on February 8, 9 and 10 there is some considerable improvement
in what the NMRA can offer each member on the horizon. As these projects emerge
in the near future, I hope you are as excited about and well served as I believe
you will be.
Yours in enjoying Model Railroading,
Fred Headon